4 Content Types for Instagram & How to Use Them

//4 Content Types for Instagram & How to Use Them

4 Content Types for Instagram & How to Use Them

4 Content Types for Instagram & How to Use Them

Posting to Instagram is so much more than creating content for a single square. When you think about it, Instagram has not 1, but 4 different types of content that you can post. Here are ways you can utilize all of them:

1) The Classic Post

You know it. A simple graphic or sleek edited picture uploaded to your Instagram feed. It’s a classic choice and it’s the backbone of your Instagram feed. Make sure the quality and content of your posts stays consistent.

2) The Video Post

Here’s a different take on the classic post – the video. Video content is a fantastic feature on Instagram, allowing you to upload videos of up to 60 seconds – or 10 minutes if you’re using IGTV. You can use videos to show behind-the-scenes footage, provide awesome clips from a vlog, or to showcase a high-quality promotional video.

3) The Carousel Post

What’s better than a single classic post? When you can post multiple times! The Instagram carousel feature allows to you to post up to 10 different posts. While most people don’t use all 10 slots, it can be fun to play with the carousel feature – showing variations on a single image or creating a graphic that tells a story as you swipe along!

4) The Story

My new favorite part of Instagram is the Instagram Story. Your story lives for 24 hours unless you make it a highlight on your profile that visitors can click through any time. Not only does it disrupt the typical 1:1 Instagram square, but it lets you play with boomerangs, videos, posts, and tons of other content.

Make the most out of each of these post types and integrate them into your monthly Instagram strategy! Not only does it allow you to get more creative with your content creation and varies up the content your followers see on their feed every day.

Got questions on ways you can utilize these different content types in your overarching marketing strategy? Shoot me an email at haleymarinb@gmail.com for a brainstorming session.

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