4 Instagram Feeds for Your Inspiration

//4 Instagram Feeds for Your Inspiration

4 Instagram Feeds for Your Inspiration

Get Insta-Inspired

Looking for a way to tie your Instagram posts together? Sounds like you need to develop a branded feed aesthetic. Your feed aesthetic is what people see when they visit your profile, giving them an idea of who you are and what you care about. It also makes it easier for you to create content.

Here are 4 different Instagram feed aesthetics for your inspiration:

Color Scheme

For Insta-beginners, an easy way to create a branded Instagram feed is through color-coding. Pick one or two colors to create consistency across all of your posts, even if they contain different types of content – just like @ritual’s use of yellow and blue.

Puzzle Pieces

Personally, I love the puzzle piece feed trend, executed perfectly here by @nycballet. It’s clever, artsy, and requires plenty of forethought, planning and scheduling. However, if you do go this route, you need to make sure to cut images with the proper dimensions & keep a regular schedule so your future posts don’t disrupt the feed layout.

Keep It Simple, Stupid

The complete opposite of the puzzle piece feed is posting the same content all the time. Sounds boring, but it gives your feed a consistent look. If you have a singular product – like @jackerwin – this is a simple, minimalist method of highlighting your product.

Show Your Work

If your personal business or brand involves the creation of a product, then use Instagram as a way to show your audience your work process. Instead of just showing followers her end product, @riklee posts sketches and works-in-progress.

Instagram is an amazing platform – take advantage of the creative freedom those rows of squares give you to turn a simple social media platform into a real way to promote your product and interacting with your target audiences.

Interested in developing a strategic Instagram feed? Reach out to me @haleymarinb@gmail.com for a free Instagram strategy consultation or follow @haleybear3 on Instagram for weekly tips & tricks.

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