5 Ideas for Creating Captions

//5 Ideas for Creating Captions

5 Ideas for Creating Captions


I don’t know about you, but writing captions is my least favorite part of the Instagram posting process. I love the content creation, the scheduling, but writing a caption is just the worst. In my experience, it’s best to keep it simple and stick with a theme.

Here are 5 different ideas for creating perfect captions:

1) Quote It

It’s a tried and true method for the Instagram caption. Check out the content of your post, then pick a quote that goes with it. It can from:

  • A song
  • A movie or TV show
  • A thought leader
  • A book

2) Tell A Story

You have a full 2200 characters for an Instagram caption – so use it. Tell us what the post is about in as much detail as you please and give the post some real depth.

3) Be Humorous

If it’s part of your brand, don’t be afraid to get funny in your captions. Instagram is a creative, interactive social platforms, so brighten someone’s day and make them laugh with a joke or clever pun (I’m a sucker for clever puns).

4) Ask a Question

What’s one way to get more comments on your post and get your community interacting with your content? Ask them a relevant question!

5) Use Those Emojis

A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? Keep your caption simple and utilize those emojis to get your point across.

Creating a caption doesn’t have to be stressful. Pick a simple theme and stick to it! Don’t forget to be creative, show your brand, and have fun!

Looking for more great tips for ways to boost your social media strategy? Reach out to me for some ideas at haleymarinb@gmail.com.

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