5 Pieces of an Instagram Style Guide

//5 Pieces of an Instagram Style Guide

5 Pieces of an Instagram Style Guide

The 5 Pieces of an Instagram Style Guide

Question: How do you create consistency in your Instagram posts and community engagement no matter how many different people are involved with your social media strategy?

Have an Instagram Style Guide on hand. Not sure how to create one? Well, it’s your lucky day. Here are the 5 essential pieces of an Instagram Style Guide.

1) Schedule Every Little Thing

The key to maintaining a consistent Instagram is to have your schedule down pat. Have a calendar that outlines the days of week and hours of the day that you’ll be posting. You can create this calendar manually or use a scheduling app like Hootsuite or Buffer.

2) What’s Your Aesthetic?

In last week’s email, we explored a number of different Instagram aesthetics for your inspiration. Have an understanding in your style guide of:

  1. The types of content you post
  2. The editing on that content, including color scheme, themes, or filters you use

3) Classic Captions

Next week, we’ll dive into crafting the perfect caption for your brand. Just know that having a consistent understanding of your caption content is essential to putting together your Instagram style guide.

4) Hashtag It

What hashtags will accompany all of your posts? Include a list of key hashtags for your Instagram account and segment them depending on the post.

5) Response Time

Last, but not least, outline in your style guide how you’ll interact with your community on Instagram. What’s your response when someone comments on a post or sends you a private message?

That way easy enough! Now, no more communication problems when it comes to what you’re posting and when. With an Instagram style guide, the entire team is on the same page.

Now, you’ve got your steps to creating an Instagram style guide – but what about your monthly social media strategy? If you’ve got questions on setting up a social media strategy that integrates flawlessly with your marketing strategy, shoot me a message at haleymarinb@gmail.com

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