5 ways to avoid social media burnout

//5 ways to avoid social media burnout

5 ways to avoid social media burnout

Social media burnout? It’s like writer’s block, but for Instagram.

Social media marketing for your small business can feel exhausting. It’s so easy to get burnout or continue running into the same ideas. Here are 5 ways to detox and refresh your social media presence to avoid a major burnout.

Feeling Burnout on Social Media???

Try these 5 tips!

Look for Inspiration

Spend a couple of hours researching other profiles that you love. Write down what you love about them and how you might be able to incorporate some aspects of those posts into your account!

Change Up Your Look

If your thing has been posting quotes and tips, then start posting more pictures (and vice versa). Chances are, if you’re bored of what you’ve been posting, then your audience is bored too. Mix things up by changing up the look of your feed.

Focus On a Different Profile

If Instagram is where you spend the most time, switch it up. Spend a couple of weeks digging into your Twitter or Facebook account. Maybe you’ll return to Instagram after a while or maybe you’ll find your new favorite profile.

Create a Post Template

Try having a little more structure. Create a post template outlining exactly what type of post you’re going to upload each week. This is what I like to do for my posts, to keep everything organized. I alternate between quotes, inspiration posts, helpful tips, and posts about coffee. They run on a cycle, so I know exactly what kind of content to create based on what I’ve already posted.

Take a Break

Social media hiatus. It’s amazing how refreshing deleting the app is. Whether it’s for a couple of hours to a couple of weeks, create a short post letting your followers know that you’re taking a break. Then, spend your free time investing in other aspects of your business or doing some much-deserved self-care!

social media burnout

When you’re feeling some social media burnout, it’s helpful to remember the reasons you’re on social media to start with:

🙋🏽 To stay engaged with your customers, fans, and industry community

🌎 To share your brand personality with the world

🥰  To have fun!

Burnout and feeling overwhelmed are two different things. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your social media marketing and are looking to hand it over or outsource, shoot me an email over at info@haleybeasleydigital.com!

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