Social media was supposed to be a side gig. I went to school to be a writer, a filmmaker, a storyteller – not the girl who spends eight hours brainstorming the perfect hashtag for a picture of her lunch.  But when I started booking gigs running social media pages and teaching people how to develop their own marketing strategies, something sparked. I realized that my passion for storytelling and my skills set for digital marketing were inherently intertwined. Creating a brand is creating a character. Sharing a post is telling a story. Digital marketing is storytelling.

Creativity + Strategy

HB Digital helps clients create brand assets, engage with their audiences and drive traffic to their websites through organic and paid digital media.


Creative Methods

Let's think a little differently.

A Different Approach

Do the opposite of what others in your industry are doing. Try a new approach.

Strategic Solutions

Every campaign comes from a series of actionable goals and measurable outcomes

Results Driven

This ensures that everything we do is focused towards a united goal.

Your Brand’s Needs

Focus on solving your brand’s unique problem

Brand Clarity

Instead of applying a one-size-fits-all solution, let’s find a campaign that works just for you

Content Created
Cups of Coffee
Creative Hours

Here’s A Bit More About Me.

Haley M. Beasley
Haley M. BeasleyEntrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Dancer, Writer
After growing up in Bakersfield, California, Haley attended the University of Southern California where she doubled in Narrative Studies & Public Relations with a Dance minor.

Now, she runs HB Digital from Los Angeles where she also pursues a career in commercial dance.

When she’s not working or dancing, you can find Haley around Los Angeles, trying out new pho spots, visiting the movies, and jamming out to K-Pop.

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