Here’s how to build your side hustle from scratch

//Here’s how to build your side hustle from scratch

Here’s how to build your side hustle from scratch

Are all my hustlers ready?

Guess who’s got exciting news? I do! I’m super-duper excited to announce that I’m launching Side Hustle From Scratch, an online course for entrepreneur newbies to walk through everything you need to know to get your first business started.

What Is the Course About?

Discover your skills/talents, build a brand, turn that brand into a business, and start making a side-income! This course includes 3+ hours of lecture, 50+ lessons, and a SHU workbook complete with lesson guides, activities, workbooks, resources and other downloads.


Who Is the Course For?

Anybody who’s looking to start a mini-business in order to pay bills, supplement their income, pay off credit cards, pay off student loan debt, and/or pursue their passions. I’ve talked to tons of my friends who would really love to pursue one side gig or another, but aren’t sure how to get started or whether or not they can make any money doing it. This e-course is designed to answer all of those questions and set you up for success!


What Will You Learn in this Course?

With this course, you’ll learn:

🧐 How to identify your profitable skill set

🛠 Build a framework for your side-hustle

📚 Learn basics of branding, starting a business, & marketing.

📑 How to create a game plan for your business

⏰ How to master time-management skills

🗂 How to use project management/organization for your business

💸 How to get started building your business and making money right now

Got a Sneak Peak?

Visit the course page now & pre-order!

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