Here’s How to Do Holiday Marketing

//Here’s How to Do Holiday Marketing

Here’s How to Do Holiday Marketing

Tis the season to make some sales.

Well, almost. The holidays are coming up on us quick & one of the best ways to make sure your winter launch is successful is to be PREPARED.

November through January, businesses swamp your potential customers with all kinds of deals. No matter how low you drop your prices or how amazing your latest offer is, you’re still going to be one of a million businesses shouting at a single customer through their holiday marketing. How are they going to hear you over the rest of the noise?

Niche = Timing

One way to give yourself a fighting chance is by making sure the timing of you target your promotional offers niche. If you sell a product that would make an amazing gift, then design your holiday marketing campaign to appeal to shoppers before December 25. If you’re in the fitness/wellness, January is your time to shine with potential customers ready to enact their New Year’s Resolutions.

Once you know your niche, then you know what your timing and marketing style should be.

Put Customer Research To Work

All those customer statistics and insights that you’ve been (hopefully) building up all year long? Now’s the time to put that data to work. Use your consumer insights to determine what to offer your customers. If you see one product/service is most popular than another, offer that one with a huge percentage off. If customers in one country are more likely to by a certain product, then personalize your offers by geographic location.

Look at all your data and see how you can use it to optimize your holiday marketing promotions.

Tier Out Your Offers

Don’t offer everyone the same thing. If someone has never come in contact with your product/service before, then offer them an introductory item either free or at a super-low cost. Get them into your funnel and upsell them later. If you’ve got returning customers or fans of your business, then offer one of your most popular items for an amazing discount.

Divvy up your offers based on your warm and cold markets.

Play Some Games

Use some basic market psychology when designing your actual ads. If your offer is all about a super-low price, then show the actual price in your marketing materials. Let’s say you have a product that’s now on sale for $10. Amazing! Put that in the ad. If instead, you offer is all about the percentage off, show that instead. For example, your online course, usually a $3000 deal is now 80% off. Put that 60% in your advertising instead of the actual $1200.

Super-low price? Show the dollar amount. Amazing discount? Show the percentage amount.

Wait For Spring

So … what about skipping holiday offers altogether? Spend that time working on and refining your offer so that you have something amazing that comes out of nowhere. You could even use the trends you see in holiday offers to base your own promotion off of. This is also a good idea if another time of year makes more sense for your industry. If you sell a product/service that relates to parents, teachers, or anyone in school, then August and September make more sense for promotions. If you’re all about travelling, then summertime is your holiday season.

Don’t feel like you have to have a holiday promotion; do what makes sense for your industry.

Believe me, I know that holiday season can be crazy. Hopefully, this post gives you some ideas for how to market your business this holiday season. Best case scenario: your customers get amazing value and you make some extra moula. Win, win. 

Need someone to bounce ideas off of for your holiday marketing campaign?

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