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Social Media Marketing Package

Looking to have all of your social media posts laid out a month in advance – ready for scheduling and approval? Here’s what this monthly social media marketing package includes:

I’ll create 3 posts/week for 2 platforms of your choice for a total of 24 posts minimum. Platforms include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn

With every monthly package, you’ll get 1 round of revisions on the content for any easy/general edits you’d like to make in terms of photos, text/design of graphics, and editing choices.

A watermarked outline/sample of the content will be delivered 1 week from package order. Once an invoice is sent and paid, the full set of posts will be uploaded to your personal Dropbox folder.

Renew this package every month to have a constant schedule of consistent, branded content for your social media platforms – and never scramble again to put together content for your platforms at the last minute.

Get 2 Weeks For Free!

Fill out the form below for a proposal overview of your monthly social media package.

Briefly describe your company/business. What do you provide? Who do you serve? Include any information you think would be relevant for social media content.
If you have any existing social media pages, enter their links here.
Select the platforms you would like as part of the monthly package.
Do you have any existing social media guidelines? (color schemes, inspiration content, types of content you do or do not want to post, etc.)
What types of content would you like to see in your monthly package?