GALERIE.LA / Brand Ambassador Program Setup

//GALERIE.LA / Brand Ambassador Program Setup
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Project Description

Passionate, Fashion-Forward Women – We Want You

THE CHALLENGE: Design a brand ambassador program for GALERIE.LA (G.LA)

OUR SOLUTION: Create an ever-growing group of brand ambassadors to spread the word about G.LA, drive sales, and bring more women in through the referral program.

Project Details

Research & Outreach

G.LA has a specific audience and thus needs a specific set of brand ambassadors to spread their message. We worked closely with G.LA to develop a set of 5 different audience verticals. These verticals helped us narrow down our search for ambassadors and made it easier to research and reach out to them.

Pitch Deck

HBD created a quick pitch deck that highlighted the main points of the Brand Ambassador Program: what the program was about, the responsibilities, the benefits, and how to get started.


Once we recruited brand ambassadors into the program, we needed a way to help them get started producing content and meeting their goals. We created an Onboarding Document that went into more detail on getting involved with the program. After that, we organized all ambassadors into a collaborative form. It allowed us to set goals & expectations for them to see as well as let them fill in their own progress.

Project Details