Graphic Design – Original Paperbacks


My graphic design work for Original Paperbacks spanned both digital and print marketing materials. For digital marketing, most of the graphic design work was social media focused, with graphics for Facebook and content for email marketing (like infographics). Other graphic design work focused on print marketing materials - like stickers, product tags, and postcards. [...]

Money Mentor Group – Instagram


Crafting an Instagram layout for the Money Mentor Group is a unique challenge. They provide financial coaching and preparedness for unexpected financial events. Working with this company, I wanted to develop a consistent, branded Instagram layout that had a unique feel and didn't force their services and products on followers. [...]

Zoe’s Top 4 – Instagram Campaign


While managing the Heroine Chic Webtoon's Instagram account, I wanted to create a campaign that got followers involved and engaged. This gave me the idea for Zoe's Top 4, a contest that allowed followers to vote on their favorite outfit from the main character for a chance to see her in the look again [...]