Nowadays, if you’re not on social media, you’re missing a key opportunity to reach your targeted audiences on a more personal level. My approach to social media is a holistic and integrated approach. We start with determining the brand’s overall marketing goals, then figure out how each social media platform can further that goal in different ways – whether through organic growth, consistent maintenance, paid media, or community engagement.

Let’s talk about how we can craft a branded social media strategy for your company.

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My favorite projects to work on are branding projects. Why? They involve a ton of brainstorming, collaboration, and creative work. With branding, you get to create a brand from scratch. As a writer, it’s similar to writing a new character. You craft their personality, design their appearance, figure out their motivations. It’s the exact same for branding.

Branding is integral to driving the marketing and content creation efforts of any business. Interested in hearing more? Let’s chat!

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Inbound marketing is a key factor to any successful marketing strategy. It includes materials created by your brand to communicate to your key customers and clients, whether these materials are blog posts/articles, photography and video content, graphic design, music, email newsletters, video courses, or more.

If you have an established brand, but are looking to outsource inbound marketing to someone who understands how to develop unique and engaging brand content, let’s talk!

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Running an advertising campaign is one of the most direct ways to measure the effectiveness of a campaign, with key analytics and immediate results presented by the ad platform. Talk to HBDigital if you’re looking to pinpoint key audiences on Facebook, appear on Google when users search for keywords, or run ads on LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. 

Do you have a set advertising budget and are looking to invest in digital advertising? Reach out and let us build a campaign together!

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Brand Assets.

Developing key brand assets that will be integrated into website and all other marketing materials. Brand assets include logo design, photography & video, and all other imagery related to the brand

Branding Brief & Style Guide

Outline of the brand mission, key audiences and more. The style guide includes brand assets, color palette, logos, brand voice, and guidelines for creating brand consistency across marketing avenues.

Brand Strategy.

Developing a brand marketing strategy that integrates all marketing avenues (social media, email marketing, paid media, event marketing, traditional media, etc.) for consistency across all platforms.

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel

Strategy, Scheduling, & Management

Developing a results-oriented strategy, creating optimized schedules, and posting

Community Engagement

Liking, commenting and engaging with internal and external social communities to increase engagement

Paid Media

Developing and executing ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google AdWords

Analytics Management

Creating analytics reports with guides for understanding analytics and recommendations based on results.

Graphic Design.

Unique branded graphics for your website, digital, and print materials.

Photo & Video.

Photo and video production and editing for dynamic content.


Blogging and copy for your website, email marketing, and social media.

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